Learn to connect with “The Closer!” within you.

The protagonist is a salesman who’s having a hard time of it – he’s frustrated, dissenchanted, and on the verge of leaving his job.

But his prayers are answered one day when he is drawn to a stranger in a café…

This story opens the eyes of anyone in the sales field. Commonly held beliefs are broken down – “selling” is discarded for “Closing”. All this is enabled by being fully in service to the client.

This is an esoteric, almost spiritual look at how to Close a Deal!


“He puts our noble profession of selling on a pedestal.
The MDC is a passionate man – about life and his profession – selling.  As a fellow salesman I have long admired Stephen’s ability to deliver his message in a captivating and engaging manner.  It is his belief in himself that enables him to impart self belief to others.  He is able to motivate others to strive for achievement much beyond status quo goals.   
I have watched in awe – and enjoyment – at Stephen’s presentations and have witnessed first hand the unrivalled and extraordinary success he attains.  He puts our noble profession of selling on a pedestal.  
Tom Scollon

Tom Scollon is two times author of ‘Fair Share’ and ‘Surfing The Market Waves’