Know what your client is
thinking and feeling, in advance!
The Body Language of Closing You can learn to do this right now with The Body Language of Closing!

For the first time ever I am going to share with you my unique secrets of knowing in advance what your clients are thinking, feeling and seeing.

I have spent over 33 years watching, observing, interacting and using the exact skills I am going to teach you in The Body Language of Closing!

Together we will unlock the secrets of your clients’ minds right now!

1. You will know immediately how to instantly build rapport

2. You will learn what to say, when to say it, what you need to say in advance of actually saying it to your client based on their need to know

3. You will know the four most important postures for you to adopt to create a Closed Deal Right Now!

4. When you are complete with studying my powerful video you will know and understand exactly why you will be called a Professional Closer!


  “His Way of Putting Things Into Perspective is Priceless” 
“My experience with Stephen was one of a kind.  He possesses a unique ability to get to the ‘Heart of the Matter’ with any situation.

He also has a special way of relating that gives him an edge.

The most profound impact Stephen has had on me was in the area of accountability.

My drive and commitment soared after our first talk. 

Stephen WILL hold you accountable, and have you throwing your ego aside.

My exposure to him helped me considerably when it comes to connecting with people and getting through all of the stuff.

His way of putting things into perspective is priceless!

But there’s something that Stephen ‘is’ that goes far beyond his successful techniques.

He walks the walk, and doesn’t just talk the talk.

He IS the ‘Real Deal’ when it comes to who he is, and what he offers.

He’s genuine to the core.

In Sincere Appreciation,  

Dr. Mike Thompson