Maybe I was lucky the first time.
I was 5 years old on my way to the first day of the first grade. I stopped off at Mr. Chadwick’s grocery and spent 10¢ of my lunch and milk money for Chum Gum which sold for 2 for 1¢. I sold all 20 sticks by afternoon recess that day for 5¢ a piece or a 900% profit on my investment! My first profit.
Maybe the second time was an accident when I sold Boy Scout popcorn for 50¢ a bag that was only supposed to sell for 25¢ . Simple supply and demand economics at 8. Anyway, I had to go back and refund the difference and I learned a good lesson. If the product doesn’t serve the client, don’t sell it.
The 3rd time was no accident. Why? Because I was taken under the wing of a Master Closer and taught how to use “The Million Dollar Closer!” techniques and strategies. These strategies have propelled me to the top of the closing game year after year.
The techniques and strategies of “THE ONE MINUTE SALES CLOSE!” are timeless, proven and guaranteed to work for you.
But if you don’t believe me, here are others that have experienced success using my proven system.

Investor Grit

Stephen Young aka “The Million Dollar Closer,” has been a sales consultant with Wholesale Inc. and Investor Grit Inc. from November 2015 to present May 2017, and has been instrumental in helping to build our company into a sustainable multimillion dollar company. He has helped to train our salespeople into highly efficient representatives of our company. Stephen, has written scripts, motivated our team, and has personally produced over $1 Million in sales while working part time as a sales consultant, directly reporting to the Executive Staff.

Stephen, is efficient in his scripts, and presentations, he also assists clients who aren't the best fit for our company, at the moment. Nearly every month one or two of those previous people who are now ready to do the work, return to Investor Grit as clients.

Recently, we had an event in Salt Lake City for our “Tribe” of Investor Grit Wholesaler’s with over 200 in attendance and Stephen was personally responsible for a great many of those attending.

Stephen is truly a “Million Dollar Closer,” whose authentic accountably is refreshingly candid. He leads from the front, and truly sets a great example in the Closing Deals arena. He is a Professional Closer, and Investor Grit, has never had a better example of closing efficiency.

We wish every success for Stephen, as he ventures forth into further consulting adventures, he is a game changer!

Tom Krol, Cody Hofhine

Investor Grit

"Stephen is a ‘Professional Closer’, and quite simply is the best public platform speaker that I have seen."

For the last three years I have had the opportunity to have Stephen J. Young (aka “The Million Dollar Closer!”) represent, train and develop my sales teams and seminar crews.

Stephen has brought a sense of professionalism to our sales teams, achieving dramatic and impacting results.

He has helped us to expand into global markets such as the United States, Singapore, New Zealand and India as well as tremendously increasing our bottom line here in Australia.

He is a Professional Closer and he is the one of the best public platform speakers I have ever seen and I don’t think I will ever see anyone better.

He is motivational, captivating and exceedingly inspirational in his presence and presentations. More importantly, he seems to have a knack and an uncanny ability to identify what people want and then make sure they get what they want.

I have watched “The One Minute Sales Close!” in action from every viewpoint. I promise you it works and it will work for you.

Buy “The One Minute Sales Close!” Better yet, book him right now to personally present “The One Minute Sales Close!”

You will be amazed and astounded how quickly your sales Closes will grow!

As Stephen says:
“Know Your Outcome, Know your Income!”

John-Paul Drysdale

M.D, The Hubb Group

"He is what he says he is 'A Professional Closer'."

I have known Stephen Young for over 26 years.

When I met him he was a good salesman, a bit green behind the ears and to my thinking was wasting his time skiing, playing golf and tending bar to make a living.

I took a liking to him and decided to see if I could polish him up a bit.

[I guess you can see by his website I “Closed” him on that deal!]

One day in 1980 I told him to meet me at 6am Monday morning and I took him out to show him the difference between salesmen and “Closers!”

After one day of training I left him in a small town in the Western United States to see if he would follow what I taught him.

That “Kid” was the best I ever saw or trained to this day!

I and my friends always called him the “Kid” because in those days he was like “Billy the Kid” taking on all comers and taking down deals right and left.

He hasn’t missed a beat in the 26 years I have known him.

He is what he says he is “A Professional Closer!”

A true “Million Dollar” Closer!

Stephen can “Close A Deal” with people as fast as anyone I know or have ever met and with the compassion and respect we all need for one another on this planet.

I have known of him to “Close Deals” for hundreds of thousands of dollars in under an hour using the methods he will teach you in “The One Minute Sales Close!”

He has a “One Track” Passion and this is to get you what you want!

I am proud that he calls me his mentor.

I have never had a better student or one who could teach others so quickly how to get what they want.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to Close a sale, sell an idea, or negotiate better terms.

His simple easy to use methods have consistently and continuously “Closed Deals” for over 26 years!

I personally know they will work for you too!

Buy "The One Minutes Sales Close!” and learn how to Close Your Deal Right Now!

Buy “The Closer!” and learn how I taught him to Close!

Actually buy them both right now and tell him I said to give you a deal!

Nick Strainic

"He puts our noble profession of selling on a pedestal."

The MDC is a passionate man – about life and his profession – selling. As a fellow salesman I have long admired Stephen’s ability to deliver his message in a captivating and engaging manner. It is his belief in himself that enables him to impart self belief to others. He is able to motivate others to strive for achievement much beyond status quo goals.

I have watched in awe – and enjoyment – at Stephen’s presentations and have witnessed first hand the unrivalled and extraordinary success he attains. He puts our noble profession of selling on a pedestal.

Tom Scollon

"$7,000 commissions in 24 hours!"

"I was in a lot of fear and resistance to going out and doing what I needed to in order to produce sales. Then, something miraculous happened; I had a 2 hour Million Dollar coaching call with Stephen on Sunday December 12, 2003 and within 24 Hours Closed four new applications generating $7,000 in commissions!

Wow, working with Stephen produces miracles in my life and I have come to look for them and expect them after every contact with Stephen.

I am truly now Closing and not just selling!"

Amy Van Skaik

"Million Dollar Results!"

"Stephen Young taught us there is a BIG Difference between 'Selling' and Closing.

His influence empowered us to take our new direct sales company from Zero dollars in sales to over 1.6 million in sales in less than 6 months! (before selling our interest to our partner)

Stephen has an innate ability to see what is "missing" not what is wrong.

The lessons we learned with Stephen with our direct sales company have been carried with us into our real estate investing career and now our real estate publishing career where we now have the number #1 ranked real estate course on one of the internet's most respected websites.

It's like Stephen says "Once you get it....You've got it for life!"

Do whatever it takes to "Get it."

Retain Stephen, you'll be glad you did or wish you had!"

With Gratitude.

TC and Vickie Bradley

"His Way of Putting Things
Into Perspective is Priceless"

"My experience with Stephen was one of a kind. He possesses a unique ability to get to the 'Heart of the Matter' with any situation.
He also has a special way of relating that gives him an edge.

The most profound impact Stephen has had on me was in the area of accountability.
My drive and commitment soared after our first talk.

Stephen WILL hold you accountable, and have you throwing your ego aside.

My exposure to him helped me considerably when it comes to connecting with people and getting through all of the stuff.
His way of putting things into perspective is priceless!

But there's something that Stephen 'is' that goes far beyond his successful techniques.
He walks the walk, and doesn't just talk the talk.

He IS the 'Real Deal' when it comes to who he is, and what he offers.

He's genuine to the core.

In Sincere Appreciation.

Dr. Mike Thompson