He has Closed over 100 million dollars in deals around the World, including The United States, Australia, Singapore, India, Africa, Great Britain, Europe, Mexico and Indonesia.
He has been carrying out scientific studies for 30 years on what works and what doesn¹t work, specifically what it takes to “Close A Deal” in today’s fast moving marketplace.
He has thrown out most of what he has learned!
He is a gifted writer, author, investor, internationally known Public Platform Speaker and Lecturer.
His business, public and private presentations are powerfully motivational, inspirational and will provide a compelling reason for anyone to take needed action right now!
To date he has helped to build 5 sales organizations from $2 million per year up to as much as $40 million per year, in as little as 18 months, training and leading by example.
This has been accomplished consistently day after day, year after year with the techniques you will find in his new bestseller “The One Minute Sales Close!”
The organizations he has helped to build and personally train have been as diverse as: Real Estate, Insurance, Health, Auto Sales, Timeshare, Financial Investments, and Stock Market Trading.
He has also worked and studied with some of the giants in the motivational and self-improvement industry: Landmark Education, Anthony Robbins, W. Clement Stone, Tom Hopkins, Robert Fritz, Robert Allen, Cynthia Kersey, Bob Proctor, and Jim Rohn.
He believes when you have an appointment, or your in front of a potential client, you have an audience. Since they have set an appointment to see you, they want something you have.
And You should give it too them-right Now!
He was taught how to “Close a Deal” by Nick Strainic his mentor and was named “The Million Dollar Closer!” by his good friend T.C. Bradley.
Stephen lives six months of the year in the United States and six months in Australia. He travels the world giving compelling, inspirational talks which motivate organizations to achieve their desired goals.
He now wants to share with you his personal story and the continuing methods which have made him what his friends call him “The MDC!”
He has successfully used these methods for over 30 years and can change your life today by your learning how to Close a Deal.
Stephen will show you how to Close the Deals in your life and become a ‘Professional Closer’ with The One Minute Sales Close!
This is what Stephen has to say about himself:
“I am not talking about Closing Deals or just writing books and selling materials about Closing Deals.
I am a Professional Closer- I Close Deals!
I can teach you how to ‘Close Deals’ Right Now!”
Stephen J. Young